8 alternative IPTV services that you should try

Now we will know some good alternative to IPTV listingsBecause on the Internet we have a streaming service that offers a wide variety of content, free and 100% legal. That is, channels with serials, films, sports and other television programs via IPTV.

We have explained in depth what IPTV is and how it works, where initially the television services of the operators they provide via the Internet connection their clients have contracted are located.

streaming platforms

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  • pluto tv
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  • FuboTV

Today, when talking about IPTV, people usually think of M3U, W3U or Xtream lists with tens or hundreds of channels, which users get from the Internet. That's where we'll propose alternatives, as these lists often include content without the permission of the copyright owner.

Rather, there is service Free IPTV filled with legal content, usually paid for by advertising. We won't have football or other live sports, nor will we have movie or series premieres, but we will have plenty of other alternatives to entertain ourselves.

  1. pluto tv
  2. motivating
  3. TDT Channels
  4. Rlaxx TV
  5. satellite tv online
  6. plex tv
  7. Samsung TV Plus
  8. Online alternative to cable

pluto tv

The popular Pluto TV is probably the best free Internet television service we'll find. Waste dozens of thematic channelsintuitive interface and apps for phones, tablets, consoles, media players and smart TVs.

Many of Pluto's TV channels are basically exclusive put together one or more programs by theme to create a channel. Therefore, they are outright fake, and some content can also be viewed on demand.

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Among its advantages are its great variety, there are not many ads and we can start watching programming without even registering.


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The Tivify platform brings together Spanish DTT channels (including regional and local), international channels, other thematic and also with additional premium content. They add possibilities such as replaying what we see, accessing the latest broadcasts or record programs above the cloud.

There is Tivify Free no costas well as subscriptions Tivify Plus and Premium, which expands the recording possibilities, available channels or removes advertisements, whichever one we choose. Without forgetting the possibility of viewing channels directly without registering.

TDT Channels

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In the case of TDTCannels, we are closer to standard IPTV services, with the difference that the list is predefined. they collect hundreds of free television channels from around the world, actually comes from the Internet broadcast of the channel itself.

Initially, TDT Channels focused on DTT Spainbut now also offers strings from others Europe, USA, Latin America and from other countries around the world. This app is available on Android television, iPhone and Android TV, with a nice interface, no ads and 100% free.

Rlaxx TV

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Rlaxx TV is one of the free alternatives based on ads, which offers series, movies, contests, cooking shows and a good selection of music thanks to the Vevo channel. Like other IPTV services, you don't even need registration to start watching broadcasts

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We have the Rlaxx TV app on many smart TVs of various brands, as well as on mobile devices, web browsers, consoles and media players. With 100+ channels and countingis one of the most promising platforms for the future.

satellite tv online

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It is possible to watch satellite television on the Internet for free and without a CCCam, that is, within the law. For this, services such as Photocall TV or IPTV-org are offered dozens or even hundreds of international channelsmany of them are identical to those we listen to via satellite.

We will not have the premium channels included in some IPTV listings, but it will be easier to view the content, because just need a web browserbe it desktop, mobile or even on TV.

plex tv

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We also have Plex TV highly varied thematic channels, much more than on Pluto TV, as it is not filtered by country. We have a chain on English, Spanish and other languages, free through advertising.

Plex TV is a platform halfway between traditional streaming and the new IPTV service, designed as an extension of the Plex multimedia server (streaming on a local home network), and which has now become the center of attention.

Samsung TV Plus

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This is the most limited of these services, as it is almost non-existent works on Samsung TVs, phones and tablets, not in other brands. Given the popularity of the manufacturer, Samsung TV Plus is worth mentioning as another free channels app with a good catalog.

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We have highly varied thematic channels, following the IPTV model seen on Pluto TV, with no registration required, and with a pretty neat interface. On the other hand, there is also Xiaomi TV Plus as an alternative to Chinese manufacturers in television whose popularity is currently far from Samsung TV Plus.

Online alternative to cable

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Focused mainly on the United States, there are many platforms to "cable cutter"people who want to get away from expensive and complex conventional pay-TV services.

We recommend checking out all alternative streaming services for cable TV in the US, including well-known ones like YouTube TV, FuboTV, or Roku streaming devices.

In the end, there is enough alternative to free and legal IPTVNot to mention other free serial and movie watching services that also respect copyright, without neglecting quality.

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