Canela TV: enjoy free content on demand

Cinnamon TV is free streaming platforms with a very diverse catalog: from Hollywood movies to music programs, to soaps and series for the little ones at home. Let's find all yours content, how it works, and more.

This platform was revealed almost three years ago, in May 2020, while the pandemic was going on. Since then, Canela TV has managed to steal the show more than 22 million usersalthough only found Available in the United States, Mexico and Colombia.

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However, enjoy the service living in another country is also possible. The best method is to install a virtual private network, also known as a VPN, which allows you to browse completely anonymously. In this article we bring you the best free VPNs.

This service was born as a great alternative for everyone who wants to enjoy different content. Plus, it's always good to consider options beyond the usual streaming platforms, as many of us have Netflix, HBO, Disney, and Amazon Prime Video more than just squeezed out of it.

If you are one of those people who likes to get out of the box, we will make a recommendation for you: HIVIDE is a platform focused on anime, a popular Japanese animation genre, where you will find series, movies, voiceovers. , and live broadcasts.

Coming back to Canela TV, it has quite a varied catalog from which users can choose on-demand content or live channels. Although, without a doubt, the best of all is that you can access serials, movies, documentaries, soap operas, sports, children and family content totally free.

  1. How does Cinnamon TV work?
  2. What will you find on Canela TV?
  3. Canela TV, channel repertoire
    1. movie channel
    2. sports channel
    3. entertainment channel
    4. soap opera channel
    5. music channel
    6. kids channel
  4. Canela TV compatible devices

How does Cinnamon TV work?

We have already said that Canela TV is a free service, but surely many of you are wondering where the pitfalls are. Obviously, this platform had to make a profit from somewhere, something it achieved thanks to a set of ads included in the video.

Surely you've heard of it this consumption model, known as AVOD (Video On Demand Ads). This translates as streaming ads in video on demand, and it's the same pattern that the popular Pluto TV platform follows.

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Too, no need to register on the web to start enjoying content. However, our recommendation is that you do so, as the process will only take a few minutes and you will be left with a series advantage to create an account:

  1. Continue with the title you saw right where you left off.
  2. Add shows, series and movies to "Favorites".
  3. Adjust the language according to preference.

What we can be certain of is, You don't have to pay for any subscription to access Canela TV content. However, yes data rates may apply, depending on the device you want to use to access the content. To overcome this, you should consult directly with your operator.

What will you find on Canela TV?

Pictures - Canela TV: what it is, content, how it works and more

Canela TV offers its users 50 linear channels and over 20,000 hours of content between exclusive series, movies, programs, and documentaries. Next, we leave you a small summary of all this:

  1. Live channels to enjoy with the family.
  2. Movies and series of all the genres you can expect: comedy, drama, romance, action, adventure, thriller and many more.
  3. Hollywood classics in Spanish.
  4. Children's programs that relate to all age groups.
  5. Documentary films about nature and animals.
  6. Soap operas that are well known nationally and internationally.

In addition, each profile will receive personalized notifications and recommendations based on your tastes, as it happens on the big streaming platforms. In this way, users can find new content and also take advantage of the experience.

Canela TV, channel repertoire

Now yes, the time has come to break through all the channels offered by the Canela TV platform. Take a good look and take notes, because one of these is sure to become your favorite:

movie channel

Pictures - Canela TV: what it is, content, how it works and more

  1. Classic Cinnamon: dedicated to the most nostalgic moviegoers, who through this channel will be able to relive the golden age of Mexican and Spanish cinema.
  2. Mexican action: As you can imagine from the name, this channel brings together the best of Mexican action, adventure and suspense films.
  3. romantic cinema: Those who are enthusiastic and dreamers will be able to enjoy on this channel a collection of the best romantic films.
  4. Flu Cinema: This channel is home to the best Latin American films, all full of Caribbean rhythms and flavours.

sports channel

Pictures - Canela TV: what it is, content, how it works and more

  1. ITTV Sports: Mexican sports channel offering Mexican Baseball League (LMB), National Professional Basketball League (LNBP), American Football League). In addition, they broadcast original programming covering other sports.
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entertainment channel

Pictures - Canela TV: what it is, content, how it works and more

  1. add cinnamon: Presenter, broadcaster and actress Alex Garza is the star of this channel offering the best in entertainment. It is broadcast from Monday to Friday.

soap opera channel

Pictures - Canela TV: what it is, content, how it works and more

  1. Cinnamon Soap Opera: You will enjoy the most famous soap operas from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela.
  2. Amulet: popular telenovelas are broadcast in their entirety on this channel. Starring Blanca Soto, Rafael Novoa and Aaron Díaz.
  3. Land of Love and Revenge: a channel dedicated exclusively to the successful Argentine series, cataloged as the most awarded novels in the country.
  4. novelty: the best productions and shows gathered on a channel dedicated to the most popular genres on Latin television. An explosion of romance, passion and intrigue in a heart-touching story.

music channel

Pictures - Canela TV: what it is, content, how it works and more

  1. Cinnamon hits: The channel covers a mix of all the genres offered on Canela, though all songs live up to the premise of being songs that have reached the "top" of the charts.
  2. Canela Music Show: the perfect channel to keep up with the latest music trends, from video clips to interviews and more.
  3. Caribbean stream: This channel is able to take you straight to the days on the beach, both day and night. Enjoy the best of urban, pop and tropical themes.
  4. sticky pops: You'll feel the eternal youth coursing through your veins again thanks to these sweet hits, sweet vibes, and the most catchy.
  5. Nothing but Cold: the most alternative will enjoy this channel in a big way, full of calm melodies that send good vibes.
  6. Love for everyone: If you are a romantic and emotional person, you will definitely like this channel. You'll find regional, tropical and pop themes from 2000 to today.
  7. Unforgettable Rhythm: the era of the best music also has its own room. Enjoy the classics of the 80s and 90s, which transport us to special moments and invite us to celebrate life.
  8. Regional Explosion: a channel that offers corridos, rancheras, bandas, and many more regional Mexican hits that remind us of the importance of keeping traditions alive.

kids channel

Pictures - Canela TV: what it is, content, how it works and more

  1. Cinnamon boy: Spanish-speaking children will enjoy popular children's programs, original content that is fun, wholesome and educational.
  2. click: This channel is aimed at older children, particularly in the pre-teen segment of the audience. They will enjoy stories full of friendship, mystery, magic and entrepreneurship.
  3. Children's Cinema: boys and girls of all ages can enjoy movies on this channel.
  4. adventure planet: the perfect space for boys and girls from five to seven years old. You'll find entertaining adventure shows packed with action, friendship, and more.
  5. Action Zone: secret agents, heroes trying to save the world, and scientific projects make up the program of this channel. You will be able to enjoy Polly Pocket, Beyblade Metal Fusion, Slugterra, Trompa Tren, and many more.
  6. Small world: This preschool channel will let the youngest members of the family enjoy. It offers famous titles like Pocoyo, Rainbow Ruby, Robocar Poli and Raggs, among others.
  7. Toon Goggles in Spanish: cartoons that both children and parents will enjoy on this entertainment channel. Among its special episodes and chapters, Talking Tom and Friends, Angy Birds, Santa & Me and Minecraft stand out.
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Canela TV compatible devices

Pictures - Canela TV: what it is, content, how it works and more

Canela TV aims to provide an extensive catalog of free content for the Spanish speaking community. And this is possible thanks to several devices compatible with the platform, facilitating access to the greatest number of people:

  1. Android phones and tablets: You can download the app on the official store, Google Play Store, from any of your Android devices.


  1. iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches: You can download the app in the official store, App Store, from any of your iOS devices.


  1. TV with Android TV: You can download apps from Google Play Store or Amazon Fire Store from any TV with Android operating system.
  2. TV with Apple TV: You can download apps from the official Apple store, App Store, from any tvOS device.
  3. Amazon FireTV: You can download apps from Google Play Store or Amazon Fire Store from any Fire TV device.


  1. Roku: You can download apps from the official store, Roku Store, from any Roku media player.


This is all you need to know Canela TV, a streaming platform which swept through its extensive catalog of content. Soap operas, Hollywood films, documentaries, children's series, music programs and much more totally free. Do you dare to try it?

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