ChatGPT will stop the Internet: more and more services are coming together

we believe it ChatGPT will make the Internet stagnant, why?, because the explanation can be given in one word: circle. The truth is that ChatGPT is a very good idea, Artificial Intelligence with data from the whole story, in a super brain in a closed environment, can provide information and carry out tasks, analyze and offer alternatives or variables, according to prior knowledge.

But the big question before all of this is what will happen when the information runs out? there will come a time when the content hosted in the ChatGPT brain can end and re-offer the content, as it may have in previous versions that were previously submitted to any user.


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  1. What ChatGPT has to offer so far
  2. Microsoft is under attack: millions of dollars are injected into project control
  3. LinkedIn and AI: The same resume over and over
  4. Microsoft ditched its AI ethics team
  5. Danger of infecting others: Google adds AI to Gmail

What ChatGPT has to offer so far

This Artificial Intelligence has updated the information until 2021at least until now it is also a closed system, namely the data is limited because it cannot be updated using the internet.

With this in mind, yes We know that this is a tool with a ceiling, yes, with a lot of information, but up to a point.

Let's look at an example, let's say we asked ChatGPT for a 500 word essay on the story of the man landing on the moon. No matter how many synonyms and how much you can modify some words, the fact is that this story will always be the same and from the same point of view.

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This poses a problem for content creation, because if a lot of people use it, for example to create informative articles, most likely we start to feel that they are plagiarizing each other. This has happened.

Microsoft is under attack: millions of dollars are injected into project control

In January 2023 it became known that Microsoft is pumping $10 billion into OpenAIwhich is the company behind ChatGPT, this gives Microsoft a position as the project leader and a great deal of control over its destiny.

after a while We're starting to see how ChatGPT integrates into many of the company's products, from Bing to Redmond's search enginevia Office with ChatGPT and more recently LinkedIn, a professional social network, also from Microsoft.

This creates a big problem and it's the incessant repetition that's what we're going to start seeing from here on out. Microsoft Office with integrated ChatGPT it will tempt more people to let Artificial Intelligence do some, or a lot, of their work and it won't matter in routine activities.

The really big problems will start with content creationfrom school activities and homework, to reaching the top, which can be a degree thesis, publications, magazines and even books.

It's a shame to find a book published about the fall of the Berlin wall, which has exact sentences with an essay published online some time earlier, by some students at a university in London, for example.

LinkedIn and AI: The same resume over and over

We know that people create profiles on LinkedIn to win over recruiters, but now ChatGPT will enter into game, with "Upgrade profile" button. which may make changes to the description, wording, quotes, and other content that tells your professional story, to make it look "better".

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Now, if we had 200 million web developers in the world and they told their stories on LinkedIn, what would happen when Artificial Intelligence got involved? Possible Let's start looking at repeating profiles, but with different names.

This, rather than the selection process, is bound to offer more headaches, as you won't know who a person really is and what an AI "add-on" is.

Microsoft ditched its AI ethics team

If you're still unsure about what will happen to Artificial Intelligence and Microsoft's plans for that matter, just take a look at its latest decision, Leave your artificial intelligence ethics team.

Here's one measures they take to provide a smoother path to new releases, without hate opinion that they could turn things around, or that it could take longer than Kevin Scott or Satya Nadella expected.

It all looks like a speed race and not a fight, At the moment. The aim seems to be marking the winner who announces first, at any cost, but those results can be very expensive later on.

One of the most important examples of the role of the AI ​​ethics department relates to Bing Image Creator, a tool that uses DALL-E to recreate images using multiple text parameters.

At the time, the ethics department raised the dangers this tool could represent to the benefit of some artists, by making it easy for anyone to copy their style. A little later, a lawsuit was filed against Stable Diffusion by Getty Images, based on an incident related to this device.

It becomes clear that indirect plagiarism problems can then open up huge loopholes, but even more than that, there will come a time when it will be impossible to determine who the real owner of the information is, since there will be so many versions of the original work that it will be very difficult to identify one.

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Besides that, plagiarism is unlikely to be attributed to the person who published it, even if they assume authorship or consequencebecause the work was originally supplied by ChatGPT, there is no “legitimate” owner of the work.

Danger of infecting others: Google adds AI to Gmail

Recently, it became known that Google gave up and finally incorporated Artificial Intelligence into its office applications like Docs, Sheets, and Slides, but also in Gmail. This means that now a trained brain will be able to compose emails for you, something that could develop further… but where?

Now, Docs users will be able to have texts completely written by Artificial Intelligence, summary, idea proposal, and content summary, something very similar to what ChatGPT offers; but a little more dangerous, because it has internet access.

In the absence of a body that can foresee ethical issues, the use of Artificial Intelligence can reach previously unthinkable limits. All this, without a doubt, will cause ChatGPT to end up staking the Internetbecause there will be no new content production, which can feed the network and everything will be recycled.

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