Download iOS 16.3 to fix horizontal line error on iPhone 14 Pro

Already You can download iOS 16.3 on your iPhone. The new version is now available to everyone and its installation is important as it comes with important news and bug fixes, for example the horizontal line on the iPhone 14 Pro is fixed, among others.

Over the past few days there have been reports of a serious incident with the iPhone 14 Pro which consisted of the appearance of several horizontal lines on the screen of the phone when it was turned on, irritated the eyes and prevented normal use of the device, but now it remains.


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This brings with it another error correction, but also some relevant news is included, which is related to security is prominent, though not the only one, as you can see below. On your iPhone, you should now be able to install iOS 16.3.

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  1. What's new in iOS 16.3
  2. Fixed bug iOS 16.3

What's new in iOS 16.3

Let's take a short list of all what's new in iOS 16.3 and what you can enjoy after installing this new version on your iPhone:

  1. Support for new devices: support for the newly added second generation HomePod.
  2. Security lock: security keys, a new method for signing in with your Apple ID using a physical device, implemented and will now replace sending codes to other devices.
  3. Emergency SOS: changes in how to activate this function.
  4. Wallpapers: There is a new wallpaper to commemorate Black History Month.
  5. End-to-end encryption in iCloud: iCloud already supports end-to-end encryption for backups made on the service, though this is an optional feature.
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Fixed bug iOS 16.3

Let's see now a list of resolved errors on your iPhone after you install iOS 16.3:

  1. Fixed a serious bug on iPhone 14 Pro where different horizontal lines would appear when turning on the device.
  2. Fixed a bug in the FreeForm app where some strokes made with the Apple Pencil would not appear.
  3. Fixed an issue with certain widgets on the lock screen.
  4. Fixed issues with Siri when used in CarPlay.

iOS 16.3 is now available for download and weighs roughly 700 MB, though it depends on the device you'll be installing it on. From iPhone you have to access settings/general/software update and look for the update to download and install it.

The complete process may take between 10 to 20 minutes, remember to have enough battery and be connected via WiFi in order Download the new version of iOS can be done faster. Don't worry if your iPhone reboots several times, it's normal.

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You can install iOS 16.3 on many iPhones, available from iPhone 8 to iPhone 14 Pro Max. As soon as you have a few minutes of free time, feel free to install this new version in order to receive the news mentioned above and fix related errors.

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