Facebook Messenger: Many of the new features come with end-to-end encryption

Security and privacy on social networks is an important issue for all of us, therefore, aware of it Facebook Messenger added a new feature with encryptioncan produce something more than expected.

The Meta owned platform also includes other improvements that add to the great updates received in this social messaging.


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Just like WhatsApp and other instant chats, Facebook Messenger now includes end-to-end encryption, which means it does messages sent by the platform, no one else has access except the sender and receiver.

Likewise, a new chat theme was added to update the app interface a bit more.

  1. New chat topics and reactions

New chat topics and reactions

Facebook Messenger users now have this capability a new chat theme that lets you customize your experience and elevate the conversation, for more fun, put aside the boring plain backgrounds that have been the same design for years, because now you can include the gradient colors and patterns you love.

They also increase New reactions and custom chat emojisfor this you will have a complete reaction menu with emojis and customize the quick reaction tray, adding the ones you prefer to send to your contacts.

You can also select the group profile photo, which you can add in various chats with friends or coworkers. Also, link previews for encrypted chats arrive, which lets you see where the link will take you before following it.

You can also choose place a new active state, which will let people know when it's convenient to write or call you. On Android, a quick reply bubble that sits on top of other apps is also available.

For now, end-to-end encryption tests are available for a group of usersbut it is a tool that will gradually spread globally.

Users will know that end-to-end encryption on Facebook Messenger available, as they will receive a notification in the individual chat indicating that their conversation is protected by this security measure.

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