Free Netflix in exchange for advertising: a new company idea

Netflix seems to have new idea running through the minds of your executive team. This is the business model that many platforms follow: free content in exchange for advertising. We will find out all the known details about it.

Since last November 10, users of streaming platforms have the possibility to contract new rates: basic plan with Netflix ads. This is the price 5.49 euros per monthwhich is a saving of 2.50 euros compared to the basic plan without ads, which costs 7.99 euros per month.


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However, this plan also imposes certain limitations on its subscribers: there are a number of devices that are not compatible with the new plan, which you can learn about in this article, and it is also important to know that the basic Netflix plan does not allow you to watch all the content from the catalog.

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Despite its recent release, it appears that the platform has a new idea hanging around their chief executive. As Ted Sarandos, the company's co-CEO, said Netflix would be open to it offer free services in exchange for advertising.

This model is currently being followed by many streaming platforms, such as Pluto TV or Canela TV. This may be a good way to attract customers again, but without any strings attached, by freeing them from paying our usual monthly fees.

If that becomes a reality, this news will surely be celebrated by the thousands of users who have left the platform in recent times. We'll have to wait to see what happens in the future, which is unlikely to happen any time soonbut maybe not as far as we think.

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In addition, corporate executives as well predicts that Netflix will be able to outperform Hulu in the advertising space In the future, one of the most relevant platforms that offer basic packages with ads. This theory is based on the number of subscribers of the two, but more on that fact Hulu is only available in the US.

Meanwhile, the company continues to fight for account sharing. We already know that over 60% of Netflix users share accounts, something that will be cut short in a very short time, since Netflix hasn't let you share accounts since March and they have to make a decision about going forward.

For now, this is all we know about Netflix's new idea. However, we'll have to have a little patience to see if it eventually becomes a reality, and we can count on a free service in exchange for advertising.

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