Great trick: how to have ChatGPT, artificial intelligence chat, on WhatsApp

it may be talk to ChatGPT via WhatsApp, so the full power of artificial intelligence is more accessible than ever. On behalf of God in a Box we have GPT-3.5 technology right on the phone, as another WhatsApp contact.

This service is promoted as a "assistant on WhatsApp"and indeed the answer from ChatGPT 3.5 they are much more complete and intelligent than alternatives like Alexa or Google Assistant. Of the WhatsApp tricks to make it more powerful, the option to talk to ChatGPT is one of the most useful.

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GPT-3.5 algorithm capable answer questions and write texts in human language. It eats up all the information from the Internet, occasionally making very serious content errors, but its writing almost always appears to be from real people, with arguments twisted at first glance.

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We only need to register with God In A Box so they give us a mobile number to talk to ChatGPT, after providing a basic set of personal data in return.

An important detail is that retains the context of the previous message for 10 minutes. This means we can ask additional questions about the answers we receive, and have a reasonable conversation.

God In A Box service included 10 free messages per month, which let us know the conversational capabilities of OpenAI's artificial intelligence. We have one unlimited plan for 6 bucks a monthalthough it doesn't showcase the full potential of ChatGPT either.

God In A Box cuts out responses for a maximum 256 ChatGPT tokens (similar technical terms to the words in the text), so many responses received were incomplete. In addition, it only receives one message every 10 seconds, to avoid server overload.

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Soon it is expected to roll out a more expensive package that removes this limitation, because with 256 tokens the text is much shorter than what GPT 3.5 offered us. After all, God In A Box promised not to save messages to ensure privacy.

While we have seen malicious uses such as creating malware via ChatGPT, the technology has enormous potential for the future. Recall that OpenAI is also responsible for Dall-e, the artificial intelligence for creating images that flood the Internet.

Our advice is try ChatGPT on WhatsAppat least to know its great possibilities, because it is a free and accessible alternative to introduce us to the revolution that GPT 3.5 proposes to us.

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