HBO Max prohibits account sharing like Netflix

Even though Netflix has made it more than evident and; Moreover, it has taken steps to mistreat users, the reality is the same HBO Max prohibits account sharingeven without shares of red N companies.

in fact, The restriction is nothing new, in fact it has been around forever and it is determined the moment you sign up, well, the problem is that we rarely take a few minutes to read the terms of service and we just want to accept it to move on.

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  1. What HBO has to say about account sharing

What HBO has to say about account sharing

This is not a restrictive measure where you have to be in the same networkthat you have to put a validation code that expires in a few minutes, the lock screen also doesn't appear when you try to play, let's say it's something more moral.

When registering with an HBO Max account, You will have the option to add up to five authorized user profiles to log into accounts, but only three of them can play content simultaneously.

This makes that clear You must limit account usage to the five profiles or device, but it would be impossible to do so with more people and that would be a violation of the subscription agreement.

In the HBO Max terms of service, it says soOnly your relatives and people who live with you can be authorized to use the accounti.e. those who are in the house.

There's a phrase in HBO Max's terms of service that could be key to how they're going to control shared accounts: "We may limit the maximum number of Authorized Users you can add" something which could be taken to mean that there will come a time when you can't change the authorized list.

It could happen then enter the temporary code system that gets to the account's primary email, as it did with Disney+, though at this point it's just speculation.

but for now There was no statement, nor was there any information about any action HBO Max could take to restrict accounts. In fact, at the moment, this is probably a boon for the platform as you can still share profiles on the move without any restrictions.

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