Instagram recap 2022: how to build your yearly summary with your best photos

Finally we can make ours annual summary on Instagramnow we can do Instagram Recap 2022 with us Best moment live this year. If you don't know how to do that, as Instagram hasn't announced it in any way, we have a template that lets us modify it to create our Reel with our summary. Let's see how you can do it.

Instagram is one of the most used social networks in the world, this means that millions of photos are uploaded to the application every day. In these photos, you can find the best moments that we lived throughout the year. Therefore, Instagram Recap 2022 This is the best way to remember and review our year in photos and videos.

The year is ending and there are many platforms and social networks that allow us to create our 2022 Recap or our annual recap, Spotify with Spotify Wrapped 2022 or Twitch with Twitch Recap 2022, now it's Instagram's turn and we'll show you how to do it in a few very simple steps.

  1. Summarize your 2022 on Instagram

Summarize your 2022 on Instagram

Next, we'll tell you how you can Create your Instagram annual summary, this way you can re-share all your best moments in 2022 thanks to the Reel template provided by Instagram. Follow these steps to create your Instagram 2022 Recap:

  1. The first step in creating our Instagram 2022 summary is access our profile from Instagram.
  2. Now we have to click on the symbol "+" to start creating content:

  1. Next, we have to choose "spool" and at the bottom center we can see "Template".

Images - Instagram 2022 recap: how to make my 2022 recap

  1. We will have to select the first templatecreated by Instagram, you have to click "Use this template".

Images - Instagram 2022 recap: how to make my 2022 recap

  1. The next step is select up to 21 photos or videos from our gallery to create our annual summary. We were able to edit the duration of clips, edit photos separately and add all kinds of stickers, emoji, text and animations.

Images - Instagram 2022 recap: how to make my 2022 recap

  1. Finally, you have to do it click publish and your Reels will appear in your Reels profile and if you've shared it on your feed, it will also appear so others can see your yearly summary and the best moments of 2022.

Images - Instagram 2022 recap: how to make my 2022 recap

This is the method for create our Instagram 2022 RecapA reel where we can add all our photos and videos of the best moments of 2022. Surely all your contacts will be delighted to see those moments and see the happiness radiating on your face.

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