Netflix has already blocked shared accounts

It is over, Netflix has already blocked shared accounts. The decision shouldn't catch customers off guard, as the platform announced that this would happen soon, and now the first block is being reported.

Netflix announced the end of shared accounts a few weeks ago, and soon after detailed how it started managing from then on the possibility of sharing with others. It was a decision that was not without great controversy and has caused outrage.


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The rage that the user has to experience paying extra is not cheap if you want to share accounts with people outside the household. The outrage was so great that special hashtags were created on Twitter anticipating the avalanche of victims pouring into Netflix.

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The move was announced on February 8, but it's not yet known what procedure Netflix will follow to get started blocking accounts detected by the service making use irregularthat is shared with others.

  1. Pay attention and block to watch Netflix

Pay attention and block to watch Netflix

What's happening now is that Netflix has started sending notifications to people who benefit from a shared Netflix account. In other words, devices that are not connected from the main location have started to be detected.

Comments have already appeared on social networks customers cannot watch Netflix on a device that is not configured in a prime locationso this is blocking by not allowing Netflix to view the content on that device.

What the account owner has to do is pay an additional fee to be able to share their account, so that it can be used on other devices by people outside the household, who may be friends or others who are not part of the primary location.

However, there is an alternative solution not to pay extrait is possible to configure specific devices where notifications appear as "primary location".

actually first there is a screen lock on the device outside the main home and if you don't take the actions above, you won't be able to continue watching Netflix. Something else different would happen as the weeks and months went by.

It is possible that Netflix will become more serious and start massively blocking accounts whose owners are detected as not making good use of their accounts. While this hasn't happened, the only thing that's happening is blocking on other devices.

For now, this is still a warning, but the fact that this warning has been given to people using accounts outside of their prime location implies a block where they can't watch Netflix, so it's clear that block shared netflix accounts and that is a fact.

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