Netflix rolls out spatial audio that doesn't require surround speakers, but only for those who pay more

He's coming own spatial audio and expansion in downloads to NetflixBut it's important to clarify that it's not news for everyone and only those who pay more to subscribe to the service can enjoy it, other people don't.

Among the available Netflix packages, Only Netflix Premium plans benefit from these features, and customers who have contracted it will be able to take advantage of the news. They have no additional cost and will be available from now on.


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While it's true that any other plan, even the basic Netflix plan, won't pick up on this news, simply sign up for a new Premium plan or jump straight to the advanced plan if you have a lower plan to have it, but in exchange for paying more each month.

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  1. High quality surround sound
  2. Download on more devices

High quality surround sound

First, spatial audio from Netflix was added. This is a distinctive feature that will offer a high quality surround soundwhich do not require surround speakers and will be available for content viewed on mobile phones, tablets, TVs, etc.

They over 700 titles that will start having spatial sound starting today, and will be in many of Netflix's most watched films and series. That, coupled with the availability of 4K content, will allow us to offer high-quality audio and video experiences.

You will be able to easily recognize that some Netflix content is available with spatial audio as it will be indicated by the appropriate icon, although you can also use a search engine and Putting "spatial audio" you will get movies and series that have it.

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But it doesn't stop there, this high-quality surround audio function will be added bit by bit with content appearing on Netflix, for example in “You: Tu casa o la mía”, also in “Tour de France” or even in “Luther: Night Falls”.

Download on more devices

Netflix seems to recognize the need for the platform to be used on more devices and customers want to have the option of downloading content to enjoy it offline on any device, especially if one person owns several.

Here comes the main novelty now, Netflix expands to 6 the number of devices where you can download movies and series, but also exclusive to the streaming service's Premium plan. Let's remember that before there were 4.

That spatial audio and an increasing number of devices where downloadable content only reaches the user Netflix Premium Planbad news for other subscribers who will see how this news does not reach them.

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