NordVPN now lets you create your own VPN for free

If you don't want to pay you don't have to, because NordVPN already lets you create your own VPN for free. This is a function offered by a popular VPN platform called Meshnet, which allows you to create an encrypted network between devices, creating your own DIY VPN.

with this tool You will be able to route traffic through the devices you have enabled for Meshnet, which then becomes your own VPN server and you can mask all your browsing through that tunnel.


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For example, if you decide to use Meshnet, this tool lets you use your phone on the move, but your connection will show you browsing from your computer at home.

This is not a new tool these Meshnet features have been available on NordVPN for a long timeexcept right now it's a free service, which you can have without having to sign up for one of these company's plans.

While the NordVPN plans offer a few distinct advantages, they do with Meshnet you can have security and routing without payingsomething that represents an advantage and can help you decide whether you want to get a more reliable tool in the future.

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  1. How the network works
  2. Meshnet Use Cases

How the network works

You can use Meshnet to route encrypted traffic from any device whatever you want, from your home computer, phone, tablet... always use the IP address of the device you choose as a server, no matter where you are.

One of the main reasons why Meshnet is free is that it's a cheap network, because you use your own devices to build it and maintenance is basically zero, which results in no cost to the company.

You can connect up to 10 devices yourself and up to 50 guest devices, can create links based on IP address or device name.

  1. First, You must be logged in to the NordVPN site and then install Meshnet app, we will leave you the link below.
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  1. Once the application is installed on the computer that will be used as a server, you must do this login to your NordVPN account or create a new one.

Image - NordVPN now lets you create your own VPN for free

  1. When activated, you must activate the meshnet function.

Image - NordVPN now lets you create your own VPN for free

  1. Now you must install the NordVPN app on the phone you want to use to connect to the networkFor example.
  2. When installed, it just remains activate the meshnet network and you will be able to see your device connected to the main server i.e. your computer.

Image - NordVPN now lets you create your own VPN for free

  1. Can invite others to your VPN via email.

Meshnet Use Cases

  1. Using the device while traveling: One of the main reasons why we might need Meshnet is when we are traveling and we need to connect to the platform or access local services authorized by our device at home, which will prevent it from being classified as a suspicious login.
  2. Create your own VPN network: With your own VPN network, you can include local content and family and friends who are abroad can do it too, it is also a way to protect your phone if you connect to a WiFi network you don't trust, because your traffic is blocked. , it is not possible to attack your device directly.
  3. Share files: a safe way to share files and documents is through this network, because you may not send them through third party platforms or through applications that can be malicious, in this case you can simply load your documents without any restrictions and send them directly between devices on the network.
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as you will see, create your own free vpn is an advantage that you can start testing now.

  1. Download Meshnet for free


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