Open your door with a clock? The new Nuki app on Wear OS makes that possible

Furthermore You can open your home door with the Nuki smart lock from your watch. It is a blessing new version of the app for Wear OSthat spans all smartwatches with this operating system and that are readily available for you to download and install.

Is another option to open the door which has a Nuki key, which is added to other existing options (by code, from phone, etc.). Now simply approach your door with your smartwatch for it to open directly with your wrist.


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You don't even need a phone for this to happen, i.e. a connection is established via Bluetooth between the lock and the watch, without the phone having to step in to open it as a bridge. But, other than that, the app will be used for something else.

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Actually with the app You can fully manage your smart lockfor example Nuki Smart Hosting, but also other Nuki devices. In addition, this new application also allows a remote unlocking if a family member needs access to your home no need to use the phone.

You can unlock it with just your watch, as long as you have an internet connection, something that's really useful if you don't have your phone close at hand. In this case, it has a safety aspect that prevents you from accidentally opening the door.

Also thanks to Wear OS Tiles new tab You'll have better, more convenient control of your keys, with direct access to the functions you really need, because you can customize the controls and screens you want to make available.

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In short, you will carry a complete set in your hands control center of your lock with the Nuki app for Wear OSNot only will you manage your Nuki smart lock, but you will also be able to unlock by proximity and even unlock remotely if necessary.

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