TDT Channels, free IPTV par excellence, is renewed with more radio and TV channels

TDT Channels back into the fray with an update that expands the catalog of IPTV platforms. From now on, consumers will be able to enjoy new free tv channels and radio stationsplus a long list of updates.

At the end of December 2022, we received the bad news about the definitive closing of the platform. However, this situation did not last long, because less than two weeks ago TDTCannels was back at work with more than 600 free Internet channels.

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Many people prefer to consume television broadcasts from their smartphones, tablets or laptops, rather than from traditional television methods. If you feel identified, TDT Channels is a highly recommended option due to its great convenience.

The best of TDTCannels, aside from nature Freeis that you can enjoy all of its content in several ways: go into the browser and access it website or install an app on your device. Moreover, it is compatible on both Android and iOS.

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Updates land automatically on the web, so you don't have to do anything to get started. If you choose to install, make sure you keep the TDT Channels app up to date.

  1. News on TV
    1. Added to TDT Channels
    2. Removed from TDT Channels
    3. Updated on TDT Channels
  2. News on the radio
    1. Added to TDT Channels
    2. Removed from TDT Channels
    3. Updated on TDT Channels

News on TV

TDT Channels has started this year added five TV channels to your platform and perform updates beyond 15 channels. Here we leave you all the names, where you will also find lowered channel.

Added to TDT Channels

  1. TV Fuerteventura.
  2. Our Regional TV.
  3. TVG Pequerrech@s.
  4. TVG Cativas.
  5. TVG Mocinas.

Removed from TDT Channels

  1. Fiberglass TV.

Updated on TDT Channels

  1. United States voice.
  2. Southern Channel 2 Andalusia.
  3. Bull TV.
  4. RTVE broadcast.
  5. IT NE.
  6. This is your Tele.
  7. HELLO! Played.
  8. Today is Jerez.
  9. US Mega World.
  10. TV Yours Venezuela.
  11. 7NN News.
  12. nested TVs.
  13. 7 R. of Murcia.
  14. Teleonuba.
  15. Peru's Top Latin TV.
  16. Your TV La Janda.
  17. 8 channels.
  18. Unite Vinalopo.

News on the radio

The TDT Channels radio channel is not left behind, as they also provide us with interesting news: two stations have been added and more than 10 have been updated. However, and as you will see below, they too have made up their minds delete three channels off the platforms.

Added to TDT Channels

  1. Movement.
  2. Color waves.

Removed from TDT Channels

  1. Dale Cana FM.
  2. Radio Montcada.
  3. Playasol Ibiza.

Updated on TDT Channels

  1. BOMB Radio.
  2. Del Sol Uruguay.
  3. FM World.
  4. Cádiz Radio Waves.
  5. Guillena waves.
  6. Play Radio Valencia.
  7. Radio Merindad de Campoo.
  8. Radio Valleka.
  9. Radio 21.
  10. RTVE: all broadcasts, including territorial broadcasts.
  11. Titoieta Radio.
  12. Wi-Fi FM.

Before concluding, we tell you about the acronym IPTV corresponds to Internet Protocol Television, which means Internet Protocol Television in Spanish. In other words, a system for viewing television channels via the Internetunlike ordinary television which is received by antenna, cable or satellite.

There are many options for getting Internet, but if you are one of those who use Amazon sets on TVs to turn them into Smart TVs, then you will definitely be interested in learning about the 7 best free apps for watching IPTV on Fire TV.

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