The Metaverse flopped, but it has made Second Life come back: it will have a mobile version

second life will revive with a new version for mobile devicesbut it's something that's still in full development, so it will be a long time until there's a stable version, despite the fact that concepts like the metaverse flopped.

Metaverse is something relatively new, promoted by Meta, in fact it didn't have the impact the company might have wanted. Second Life is based on something similar, nothing more than a a virtual world that has many more years behind it.

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Despite the bad news that has accumulated around the metaverse, Second Life fans will soon be able to enjoy the latest version of the popular virtual world for mobile devicesand whether the game will be available as an app for iOS and Android.

  1. Available late 2023

Available late 2023

The company has released information about its new project in a YouTube video, where they detail it Second Life will arrive sometime in the last months of 2023 on mobilewith the possibility of installing it on an Android device or also on an iPhone or iPad.

This is not the first time that developers have tried to create a mobile version of the popular game, but so far they have not had the results they want to offer users. Now they have started to get the game looking really good.

They have already started for him character or avatar development and virtual worlds, hardest of all, to make it work on the mobile platforms where the game will be available. You still need to dedicate a lot of hours of work to get a good game.

Second Life for mobile want to provide an excellent gaming experience through a nifty virtual world, something they will accomplish over the next few months. It will use the Unity engine and may have to reduce its graphics quality to make it fully functional.

There's plenty of time left for second life having versions for mobile phones and tablets, when the time comes any user who loves the virtual world of this mythical game will be able to download it from the App Store or Google Play Store depending on the device they have.

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