TikTok knows that you're tired of watching the same videos all the time, and it has a solution

We have all met almost the same recommendations on TikTok, which sometimes becomes tedious and another addicting. In either case, this is a problem TikTok is looking to solve with a new possibility to reset our profile algorithm suggestions.

While it is possible to view TikTok without an account through a few tricks, the social network makes it even more complicated, knowing that personalizing content is the key to "hooking" the public. In fact, the so-called "For You" feed with suggestions is the first thing that opens, not videos from accounts we follow.

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Well, now TikTok includes an option to "refresh feed" (also called "restart") which consists of show us recommendations as if we just opened an accountwithout considering the view history, likes, or profiles we follow.

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That is, there is no need to delete the TikTok account to restart recommendations, avoid losing uploaded content, list of followers and following or other settings:

To restart personalized suggestions, we need to go this route:

Profile -> Menu (three horizontal lines) -> Settings & privacy -> Content preferences -> Update your "For You" feed

After update the "For you" feed, they will ask us the reasonsomething important for TikTok who wants to know if the video we watch is boring, repeats too much a certain theme or has other problems.

After restarting the algorithm, we'll see popular videos as if we just opened TikTokbut they'll soon start new personalizations based on who we see as integers, who we like, and other factors.

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The company itself admits that it is very difficult to balance the new recommendations on topics they know will interest users. In addition, he is concerned about content that can be addictive or harmful, and can be viewed compulsively, especially when the victim is a teenager.

In fact, TikTok has added a new time limit for minors, one of the issues that worries him the most. Amid geopolitical tensions with US authorities over being a Chinese social network, the last thing that interests her is scandals related to child and youth welfare like the one Instagram has experienced in 2021.

Of course, rearranging the TikTok feed can improve the experience on the social networkalthough it's a fairly hidden option, so it's unlikely he's interested in promoting it, at least in the short term.

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