Top 10 most popular apps with dark mode

There are some popular app with dark mode Available for iOS and Android devices. This interface has become fashionable in recent years due to its great benefit by increasing battery life, but most importantly, because it doesn't hurt the eyes when looking at the phone in environments with little or no light.

Most users are attracted to dark interfaces in the apps they use most in their daily lives. For this reason, many developers are interested in implementing dark mode to take advantage of its benefits save battery on phoneand because these colors make browsing the internet more enjoyable.


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In this article we will show you a list with the most popular app that integrates dark mode Therefore, by default, they don't need any third-party apps to enable this function.

However, the dark interface must be enabled manually from the settings of each platform, as this feature is disabled by default.

  1. What is it
  2. Courier
  3. Telegram
  4. gmail
  5. Instagram
  6. Facebook
  7. YouTube
  8. Twitter
  9. google maps
  10. Reddit

What is it

What is it is one of the best instant messaging apps, if not the most popular. The Meta platform took a long time to implement the dark mode function, in fact the function was released at the beta version number 2.20.13 to then reach the stable version.

He whatsapp dark mode can easily be activated. It's disabled by default, but once enabled, the magic happens, with the interface changing to a light black color with a green finish, which gives the app a really nice design to look at.

If you are a regular user of this messaging platform and don't like the green and white interface of the app, you can now enable black tones from the app settings.

just go to Settings, Chats and Themesfrom this section you can change the theme and choose between them System Defaults, Light and Dark.

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The sister app of WhatsApp, Courieris one of the long-lived as well as one of them the most popular app that offers dark mode for several years now.

Meta debuted its interface in this app back in April 2019, it started as an Easter egg that gets activated when you press the moon emoji inside a chat, but later became an official feature.

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Messenger is an application that is widely used to send and receive messages, and is also one of the favorites of users who use the social network Facebook.

It is for this reason that the developers have come up with a completely black and gray interface, finished in blue, a theme that is very pleasing to the eye in low light situations, especially when compared to chats with a white background.

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Image - Top 10 most popular apps with dark mode

We continue with instant messaging applicationand in this place we have Telegrama platform that really competes with Meta services like WhatsApp and Messenger with similar features and yes, it also has a dark mode.

This is one of the oldest apps to offer this feature, for several years now the multiplatform app created by Pavel Durov has allowed users to customize the service to the teeth, and what's better than changing the theme color, screen background and a lot more.

Telegram allows you to send messages with a chat with a dark background, where activation is very simple. You only need to display the sidebar, access Chat Settings and Settingsfrom there we choose a color pattern and that's it, we'll enjoy nocturnal black, that is with a blue hue or pure black.

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Image - Top 10 most popular apps with dark mode

Viewing emails at night and with a white background is something that strikes a chord with our eyes, but luckily Gmail also has an option that lets you enable the desired dark mode. In fact, Google is gradually adopting its main app to join this interface.

Enabling dark mode in Gmail is also possible, on both iOS and Android, with fairly pure black as the predominant color. Since 2019, the company has provided users with the opportunity to enable dark tones from screen settings and device brightness.

If you spend a lot of time looking at email from your phone, either because you answered a pending message or for whatever reason, dark tones in Gmail It makes perfect sense that our eyes don't get tired, and in the process you save energy and consume less battery power.

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Another app that has a dark mode is Instagram. Dark mode on Instagram has been with us for a long time, where when activated we have a beautiful interface applied to the most distant places, from stories, main feed, configuration area and Reels.

The Meta app provides a more pleasing look to the eye when browsing the home screen of a social network, it is a deep black that allows you to view content without hurting your eyes and in low or no light environments.

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enable dark interface on Instagram It takes you to the next level of user experience by providing better viewing of images and videos. It also significantly reduces glare in the eyes, so you won't experience eye fatigue when using your phone at night.

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Image - Top 10 most popular apps with dark mode

The social network par excellence is one of the most popular apps with a dark mode. Facebookk has offered this interface for years, which can be easily activated from the app settings.

just go to Settings and privacyas well as in parts dark modethere you can choose between the options On, Off or Use System Settings.

This option will not only help you increase your display frame while scrolling through the news feed, but will also prevent eye fatigue and prevent further drain on your phone's battery power. It's worth noting that the black color of the app isn't exactly pure, it's a bit between gray and light black, but it manages to deliver on its mission in the end.

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Image - Top 10 most popular apps with dark mode

Best thing that could happen YouTube This is the arrival of dark mode. Watching videos on the world's most popular platforms with a white background might be something that none of us like, so having a black background is the best experience on this platform.

Dark mode on YouTube was introduced in early 2018, first on iOS, and later the same year it officially arrived on Android. That interface in black It fits perfectly with the content we watch, be it videos or Shorts, they look great anywhere.

Enabling YouTube dark mode is simple, even the easiest for users. On iOS, you have to go to Arrangement Then dark themewhereas on Android devices, these options can be found in the section Arrangementafter in General and finally entered dark theme.

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That 140 character social network, Twitter, has been offering a dark mode for some time. Like other social networks, activating this feature is very simple. Just click on the profile icon on the top left, then the crescent moon icon on the bottom left, and you're done, it's that easy.

The application gives us several options to choose from, there are two types of dark themes: Bright Night and Dark Night. The first is a very pleasing dark blue interface, while the second is pure black.

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By enabling either of the two options, we quickly get a better user experience, with a nicer main feed, black background, and white fonts. In general, viewing tweets is easier on the eye, with less visual fatigue and, in the process, we conserve smartphone battery energy.

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google maps

Image - Top 10 most popular apps with dark mode

google maps It took a long time to implement the famous dark mode, and once it did, we were surprised by how well implemented it was, with a nice interface and alternative colors that match perfectly, and the red, green and yellow colors of the traffic look amazing too. .

That google maps application stand out for the options that allow you to leave dark mode is on by default so that navigation is always dark on the phone. But if you want, Google Maps gives us the option to enable dark mode along with the same theme as the device or disable it completely.

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Image - Top 10 most popular apps with dark mode

in app with dark modecertainly not to be missed Reddit, a microblogging network and one of the oldest also has an option that lets you darken the interface with a predominant pure black color. This app lets you choose between Night and Midnight mode for phones with AMOLED screens.

However, other options are available that are capable enable dark mode automatically depending on the time of day. The mode activates at dusk and deactivates at dawn, something that is much more convenient for the user.

That dark interface on reddit Introduced in 2018, this was after some users demanded implementation of this feature. Now, these functions are a fundamental part of the application interface. The option is activated by clicking on the profile icon located in the upper right corner and in Settings.

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He dark mode It's a color scheme that manages to provide a more pleasant user experience, because apart from helping to save battery life on some phones, it reduces visual fatigue when viewing content in low-light environments.

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