WeTV, a free streaming platform to watch Asian dramas and shows

Streaming platforms are, at the moment, the most common way to watch television, platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max, Disney Plus, among others, have more platforms intending to compete with the mainstream. A clear example of this is WeTV, a free streaming platform to watch Asian programs and serials.

While there are many alternatives to platforms like Netflix or Disney+, today we're going to talk about WeTV. with this platform You can watch all kinds of Asian serials, programs and reality shows for free. Next, we will tell you everything about this platform for the most enthusiastic Asian entertainment.

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  1. WeTV, enjoy free Asian movies and serials
  2. Categories and content

WeTV, enjoy free Asian movies and serials

WeTV, formerly known as iFlix is one of the streaming platforms that come to our country for the most enthusiastic Asian cinema. This platform allows us to view all types of content free in exchange for adding ads in their emission.

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If you like Asian cinemaYou should know that this platform lets you watch hundreds of series and movies from New East. platform too allows us to pay for subscriptions to access VIP content and have some more advanced functions such as having no ads in the reproduction, they have a higher content download speed and you can use two devices at the same time.

Pictures - WeTV: what it is, how to watch and content

Categories and content

You should know that the contents of WeTV is all in the original language and you must watch the serial and the movie subtitleavailable at eleven languages. Next, we will show you some of the most famous and successful moments series on the WeTV platform:

  1. Twin flower romance
  2. Royal Rumors
  3. fall into your smile
  4. Unforgettable love
  5. love at second sight
  6. Chong Zi's Journey
  7. love with you
  8. my boss and me
  9. love diary
  10. Restart
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Regarding categories and The operation of this platform is very similar to other streaming platforms.. You will have various categories among which you can see the featured content, the series you are watching, the best entertainment programs, as well as comic or animated series and movies.

Another category most liked by the fanatics is video game storiesin this category we can highlight several series like: The brightest star in the sky, I only like you, The time of our love and many more.

Pictures - WeTV: what it is, how to watch and content

Another function that we provide on WeTV is exclusive WeTV contentthe platform also has some titles that are exclusive to some regions, so you won't be able to see them in our country.

WeTV is also available for devices, so you can download apps from the App Store for iPhone or iPad and from Google Play for Android phones and tablets. The WeTV app also has a dark mode, it is one of the many apps that has a dark mode, a feature that many users have come to appreciate.

  1. Download WeTV for Android
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  1. Download WeTV for iOS


web: WeTV

Now you know WeTV, Asian content platformYou have no reason to be able to watch your favorite series, or who knows, you can find new genres of movies that you like and thus have more content to enjoy all the free content on this platform.

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