We've been waiting for this for a long time: WhatsApp lets you easily change phones

WhatsApp will make it easier to change phones users with a new option that started appearing in one of the latest beta versions of the Android app, which we'll tell you all about in detail below so you know where it ends up going.

Chat migration has long been easier when we buy a new phone, be it Android or iPhone, and it is not clear. That is, it provides the exact procedure to move chats from Android to iOS and vice versa, or between the same operating systems.

What is it

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It's an option in the settings, but WhatsApp wants to go a step further and want to make this process easier with a new parameter called "transfer chats to android"something that is currently only available in the version of the app for Android.

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The specificity of this option is that no need to back up beforehand before migrating chats from one phone to a new phone, plus it will be a much faster procedure than the already available function of moving chats.

That is, it will be a new option that is faster and simpler than what we have now, and will avoid the need to back up all chats which, depending on their size, can take several minutes to complete. In any case, backup is always recommended.

Although it is not necessary to have a copy of the entire WhatsApp chat history to use this novelty move chat between android devicesthe recommendation to do it periodically still applies to store your data in the cloud safely.

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There is no further information about this functionEven how it works. You can download WhatsApp beta for Android, which is the version where the parameters are found. We don't know if it will be coming to iOS soon, but no word yet.

When it's officially available, it's enough to update WhatsApp so anyone can move your chats to your new phone more quickly and easily than they are now, without the need to have a backup of your updated chats on the cloud or device.

  1. Download WhatsApp beta for Android


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