WhatsApp 3D avatars reach everyone

The new one whatsapp avatars Some 3D characters have reached users where we can mirror ourselves to be sent custom sticker or use as profile picture. WhatsApp thus incorporates Meta avatars, which the parent company has also enabled in other apps, such as Facebook and Instagram.

Who's downloading whatsapp update on Android they will start seeing avatars, but the rollout will be gradual, including the iPhone as well, as is the case with almost all the latest developments in apps.

What is it

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That means we can be creative stickers that reflect our face, constitution and style of dress. After designing the avatar selecting the available options, 36 different stickerswhich we can send directly like other WhatsApp sticker packages.

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In fact, the idea isn't new, as apps like Bitmoji have been offering the same thing for years, but it's much more convenient if avatars are integrated into WhatsApp.

It editor to create avatars just like Instagram and Facebook, which also produced characters fit for the metaverse the company prepared. This is the Meta 3D character editor:

Images - WhatsApp download and news

On the other hand, avatars can use as profile picture, expands the current options. While there are external tools to create WhatsApp avatars to serve as profile pictures, with the added options it's good that we have this new system.

in the menu from settings we will see a new section "Avatar"and by changing the profile photo it is possible to put 3D character poses.

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Images - WhatsApp download and news

In order to start taking advantage of avatars, we have to update WhatsApp to Android version, but there is a chance that they will not appear at first. Users are activated gradually, and also coming soon to iPhoneUnfortunately, we don't know when they will be available in the PC version.

It has long been known that avatars can also be used to represent us when we make video calls with the camera off. I'm sure thinglittle by little we receive more and more news related to avatarthough part of that hinges on whether Meta is willing to continue investing in the metaverse even if its shareholders don't reciprocate this initiative.

Of course avatars make more sense on WhatsApp than on Instagram, where they are included in a somewhat forced fashion as a reaction to Stories. WhatsApp stickers and profile photos are more suitable, and no doubt many of these virtual 3D characters are starting to appear among our contacts.

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