WhatsApp fined 5.5 million euros for violating our privacy

Application What is it once again in trouble with the European regulator, which on this occasion represents a 5.5 million fine for violating privacy user. The fine imposed by Ireland is based on the General European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), so it can be repeated in Spain and the rest of the European Union.

After a fine of 225 million euros against WhatsApp in 2021, now the Irish Data Protection Commission has once again found the messaging platform guilty violate data protection laws following a complaint from a German user made in 2018.

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In particular, WhatsApp is deemed not to process data in a lawful manner, by failed to meet the requirements of transparency, legality and impartiality required by the GDPR. After all, Ireland only fined WhatsApp for the smallest alleged offense.

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The Irish Data Protection Commission considers that WhatsAppp does not provide adequate reasons why personal data is requestedbut that was the reason for the original fine of 225 million euros, so there will be no further action.

Second, don't believe that WhatsApp has forced user consentsomething that, considered so, would require a much higher penalty.

On the contrary, it will be open a new investigation on topics not included in the complaint. This will take care of what WhatsApp is collect and share custom protection dataespecially for marketing and advertising purposes.

This sensitive data includes health, race, creed or ideology, but also biometric data, and Irish regulators are looking to further review how WhatsApp treats it.

As always, WhatsApp confirms that they comply with all GDPR requirements, that they protect user privacy and that in addition, they will appeal against the fine receivedSo it may take some time for the final decision to arrive.

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Of course, It seems that WhatsApp's privacy problems are not going to endand we must not forget that a few months ago millions of WhatsApp numbers were leaked, which could lead to new sanctions.

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