WhatsApp improves video recording, lets you link tablets and undelete messages

WhatsApp recently updated for device Androids. Version of the messaging app brings several new features: greater privacy controls, improvements in video recording, pair the tablet and undelete messages. Let's find out what each of them consists of.

For several days, WhatsApp has been showing the United States of America in the profile photo. However, this is not the only novelty that the app brings in its latest update for Android: link previews, shared and group calls also play a major role.

What is it

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  • Change WhatsApp status photo
  • WhatsApp without adding contacts
  • How do I know if my WhatsApp is open
  • Know if they have read WhatsApp

In fact, one of the features most WhatsApp users have been waiting for is finally here: group administrators can delete any message sent by any of its members. Though, yes, they will be able to find out who did the act.

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Millions of WhatsApp users on Android are still in luck, because there is a new update available. Let's discover all the news that version brings:

  1. What's new in the camera: From now on, you can record hands-free videos by swiping left while using the WhatsApp camera.
  2. Pairing with an Android tablet: the messaging app can now be used from any tablet with the Android operating system. You need to enter "Settings" and then click on "Linked devices".
  3. What's new in deleting messages: from now on, you will suffer less if you make the mistake of touching the "Delete for me" option, as you will have a few seconds to undo the action.
  4. More control over privacy: You can control who sees when you are online. Go to the "Settings" section, then "Privacy" and select "Last time and Online".
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This news is already available on WhatsApp, and to get it you just have to do it download the app and make sure you have updated it. If you still can't enjoy it, be patient, because it will be coming to your smartphone in the next few days.

One of the most questionable features known recently, given the few uses, is that WhatsApp will conduct surveys in chats between 2 people. It has been seen in the new beta for Android, but we don't know if it will reach the official version.

Hands-free video recording, the possibility of using WhatsApp from a tablet, undeleting messages, greater privacy... if you are one of the users using whatsapp from androidYou already know all what's new in version Which are you most looking forward to trying?

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