WhatsApp will change the voting in the poll you create

In no time they will improve whatsapp survey, which became very popular, but came with certain limitations. It's common for WhatsApp to roll out functions without polishing them completely, and the same thing happens with surveys, despite the fact that it's not that complicated.

When we explained how to create a survey on WhatsApp, it caught our attention because it made it possible to mark as many responses as we wanted. Soon it will be possible limit the survey to one response per personwhich are certain cases are very important.

What is it

  • Fix "Unable to restore chat history"
  • WhatsApp dark mode
  • Know if they have read WhatsApp
  • Backup WhatsApp Plus
  • Who viewed my WhatsApp profile

When creating a survey, adjustments "Limit to one option" ("Limit one choice"), which would have prevented participants from selecting multiple answers, as had been the case until recently.

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Those who received the survey will see indication "Select one" ("Choose one") to differentiate it from a standard multiple choice survey:

Lots issues must be resolved with one vote per personand until now it had to be the creator who reviewed the results to make sure there were no irregularities.

This function is gradually improving, we already have a search engine for WhatsApp surveys, and they can even be sent in private chats, not just in groups. Unfortunately, they have flaws that still need to be fixed.

For example, it's not possible to set voting deadlines or close surveys so that you can no longer participate (only to remove them completely). If we add that the answers can be changed as many times as each participant wants, it becomes complicated to strictly control the results.

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The single response survey has appeared hidden in the WhatsApp beta code, and is currently unusable, but that is a sign in no time they should be activated for all.

although surveys have added a lot of convenience to WhatsApp groups, they have room for improvement, without even unlocking advanced functionality for enterprise. Hopefully little by little the major flaws are resolved, and there's no need to use external tools when making decisions in WhatsApp groups.

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