WhatsApp won't say goodbye to Europe: accept EU changes

After months of negotiationsWhatsApp accepts the changes proposed by the European Union, in order to continue working in Europe as before. WhatsApp's clash with the EU is likely to continue, but at least this deal is a step forward.

In this case, the problem comes from WhatsApp trying to implement changing conditions in 2021with the intention of share user data with Facebookas they are both owned by Meta, the same parent company.

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In reality, the data of Spanish or European users was never proposed to be shared with Facebook, but in any case it is mandatory to accept the new terms rolled out for all countries. The original plan involved limiting functionality and even blocking access for those who did not accept the new legal provisions.

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The European Union's agreement with WhatsApp obliges the option to reject the new condition looks like the option to accept it. Also, they may not send successive notifications, and these can be deleted, so that there is time to read the new conditions quietly.

WhatsApp is also a must clearer about changing the law, what are the implications for users and to what extent does it affect their rights. In particular, it will also be more transparent about changing conditions that prevent WhatsApp from being used if it is not accepted.

As part of the agreement, WhatsApp owns reiterates that it does not share personal data with Facebook. In any case, for this matter he has already received a fine of 225 million euros in 2021 from the EU, so it is logical to resolve.

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In the medium term, it doesn't look like Meta will rule out the new investigationbecause at the end of 2022 in Ireland imposed a new fine on Instagram for handling the personal data of minors.

Unfortunately, WhatsApp's privacy isn't the best, and perhaps this agreement with the EU is just trying to avoid new fines, with no real commitment behind it. However, For now, WhatsApp has free rein in Europea continent where he rarely received good news.

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