WhatsApp's latest beta for Android adds 21 new emoji: discover them as they are

WhatsApp's new beta for Android brings 21 new emojis, then you'll be able to find out what the full list is. This indicates that the official launch is approaching, they will arrive via a new WhatsApp update later, as there is no date yet.

Actually, 15 new emojis, another 6 already on WhatsApp, but they underwent renovations in their design. The list has appeared in other WhatsApp betas before, but is unusable because it is not visible via the app's official keyboard.

What is it

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Now is when some of the beta testers who were able to download the latest WhatsApp beta for Android can already see it on the official keyboard. The new emojis are nothing new, they are the emojis from Unicode 15.0 that we saw a few weeks ago.

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The list of new emojis coming to WhatsApp beta for Android is as follows:

  1. Open hand to the left.
  2. Open hand to the right.
  3. Pink heart.
  4. Blue Heart.
  5. gray heart.
  6. Swan.
  7. Big deer.
  8. Donkey.
  9. On.
  10. Jellyfish.
  11. Peas.
  12. Flute.
  13. Hair knitting.
  14. Fan.
  15. Maracas.
  16. Wi-Fi icon.
  17. Ginger.
  18. Emoji Khanda.
  19. Crow.
  20. Shaking face.

This list matches the list new emoji that will arrive with iOS 16.4 and that they belong to Unicode 15.0, therefore it is ensured that they will also be available on Android soon, at least WhatsApp for this operating system will include them in its extensive list.

Users who already want to have it should update WhatsApp to this beta if they are in the WhatsApp beta program, or just wait for the official version of the app which will soon be available on the Google Play Store with a new list of emoji.

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Anyway, it is not certain that the next stable version of WhatsApp will add it, maybe we have to wait for the next version. What seems clear is that we will see the arrival of these 21 new emojis to WhatsApp as one of WhatsApp's new features for 2023.

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