ZTE Watch Live 2: for less than €40, this smartwatch controls SpO2 and has a week's worth of battery life

The new one ZTE Watch Live 2 is a perfect example of how current a cheap smart watch can meet the needs of almost all users. Exercise monitoring, SpO2 blood oxygen sensor and continuous heart rate monitor go hand in hand in the ZTE Watch Live 2 for less than 40 euros.

Many users are looking for low-priced Apple Watch clones, rather than betting on well-known brands, and Watch Live 2 is aimed precisely at those who want a square-screen smartwatch with an elegant design.

Smart watch

  • pair the device first
  • Record Mi Band workouts

ZTE Watch Live 2 selects a 1.69-inch display (280 x 240 pixels), with thin bezels and side buttons. The design is black, and comes with a 22mm rubber strap, making it easy to interchange with other standard straps.

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Apart from integrating continuous heart rate monitor and SpO2 sensor, ZTE Watch Live 2 counts our steps, controls our night's rest and allows us to record our menstrual cycle. The smartwatch notifies us of calls and notifications, it also allows us to send predefined responses to the messages we receive.

Own monitoring of more than 90 sports modalitiesincluding traditional sports, but also other training modalities and physical activity.

The best is what we have up to 7 days of autonomythanks to a 230 mAh battery that has magnetic charging.

  1. ZTE Watch Live 2, specifications
  2. ZTE Watch Live 2, price and availability

ZTE Watch Live 2, specifications

The new ZTE Watch Live 2 offers a complete technical sheet at a low price where it moves, which covers the needs of the average user. Here are the details:

ZTE Watch Live 2 control is carried out from The Z Sports app, available on Android and iOSwhich not only recorded activity, but also allowed us to choose from 100 different watch faces.

Image - ZTE Watch Live 2: specifications and price of the smartwatch

ZTE Watch Live 2, price and availability

The new ZTE Watch Live 2 is on sale €39.90 on Amazon Spain, only black, which is a very attractive price.

In fact, fitness bands like the Xiaomi Band 7 Pro have a higher price The ZTE Watch Live 2 is a very competitive smartwatchwhich offers full specifications at a low price that will attract a large number of buyers.

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